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We Are We Different?

Sonny Shinn, Owner My mother and I started this business thirty-three years ago. There was always one of us in the store until she passed away in 1990. This is a family business and the people that work here are my family and they've been with Shinn's for years.

Our nine employees have been with us for over 160 years combined. That's an average of almost 18 years per employee. Having this caliber of employee is just one thing that makes us different. You can guarantee that when you walk in the door, you'll be waited upon by someone who can and will treat you the way I would.

You can be assured that at any point, either Sharon Chadwick, Fernanda Harris, Mike McGeorge, or I will be at our front counter. Sharon, Fernanda, and Mike have each been with us more than 14 years. We all work together to get the job done day-in and day-out.

Our main concern is you and your clothing. We examine every article of clothing when you bring it in and then clean it the way we think is best to maximize the life of your clothing. However, if you want it done a certain way, you're the boss and we'll do it your way.

Above and beyond all, my name is on the company for a reason. I'll give you my personal guarantee that every piece of clothing you bring in will be done right or I'll buy it.

Sonny Shinn
Owner, Shinn's Cleaners

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